CELLIS® Rectopexy

Pre-shaped biologic collagen matrix

Specifically designed to meet the high demands of this procedure

CELLIS®is a naturally crosslinked porcine dermis. It is a freeze dried, acellular dermal matrix (ADM) specifically designed to meet the high demands of the procedure.

Ensuring that the collagen is kept native is key to the fast remodelling (3 months) and quick revascularization of the reconstructed tissue, with less risk of side reactions and complications.

Reduce Complications, Improve Outcomes

CELLIS®does not contain any preservatives or other foreign substances.

Inert, non-immunogenic and perfectly biocompatible, the CELLIS® implant can be used for patients with a risk of septic environment.

‍Careful selection of dermis

  • For optimal mechanical strength and thickness of the membrane

Innovative purification process

  • Native collagen    
  • Naturally cross linked with NO harsh chemicals used
  • Assuring stability and strength

Freeze dried process

  • No requirement for preservative agents

Short hydration process

  • Ease of handling

Competitive pricing

  • Cost effective
  • Approximately ½ price of main alternatives
  • A better implant at a lower price
Manufactured by: Meccellis Biotech

Complementary ranges include:

Used for laparoscopic or open surgery, providing the logical alternative to expensive and often painful, tacking devices and time consuming suturing in hernia repair procedures.

IFABOND™ is reliable and its outstanding performance is due to the purity of the glue.

  • QUICK - Polymerises in just 5 seconds
  • EASY TO USE - Will not set in the introducer allowing laparoscopic use
  • STRONG - Will close the peritoneum
  • LOW PAIN - Doesn’t penetrate tissue trapping nerves
  • COST EFFECTIVE - Less than half the cost of most tacking devices
Manufactured by: Peters Surgical
Complementary ranges include:

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