Bariatric Surgery

IFABond® Synthetic Surgical Glue

The only 100% pure Cyanoacrylate Glue for non-mechanical fixation of Hernia Mesh.

Its purity offers a higher adhesive force, lower inflammation and temperature elevation limited to two degrees.

Port Access Systems

Leading The Evolution in its peer group, YelloPort™ combines, without compromise, the key characteristics which clinicians come to expect from a fully single use Port, with the environmental and financial benefits that hybrid technology delivers.


A comprehensive range of instrumentation to provide atraumatic liver retraction, whilst optimising access for Laparoscopic procedures involving the stomach, oesophagus and upper GI track.

Bioring® Adjustable Gastric Band

Adjustable gastric band with monoblock design for treatment of obesity with tailored sizes to accommodate a wide range of patient anatomies.

Unique bellows design provides even distribution of pressure across the stomach and follows peristaltic motion of the stomach.