CELLIS® Breast

Acellular Dermal Matrix

Complete ADM portfolio for sub-pectoral and pre-pectoral implant-based reconstruction.

CELLIS® is a non-crosslinked porcine dermis. It is a freeze dried, acellular dermal matrix (ADM) indicated to reinforce soft tissue for breast reconstruction.

Ensuring that the collagen is kept native is key to the fast remodelling and quick revascularisation of the reconstructed tissue, to minimise adverse tissue reaction and complications.

Key Cellis Principles:

‍Careful selection of dermis

  • For optimal mechanical strength and thickness of the membrane

Innovative purification process

  • Native collagen    
  • Non-crosslinked (NO harsh chemicals used)
  • Assuring stability and strength

Freeze dried process

  • No requirement for preservative agents

Simple hydration process

  • Ease of handling

Competitive pricing

  • Cost effective
  • A better implant at a lower price


for pre-pectoral breast reconstruction
  • Unique 3D pocket shape
  • Ideal combination of meshed & non-meshed material to provide flexibility and strength
  • 3x finger-like, solid mesh areas provide strength and prevent over-expansion
  • Optimised flexibility to conform to a variety of implants or patient anatomy
  • Quick & easy preparation to create pocket


for pre-pectoral and sub-pectoral breast reconstruction
  • Maximum coverage with minimal material
  • Specific solid borders for easy and secure fixation
  • Highly versatile - flexibility to shape around variety of implant sizes

CELLIS® Breast

for sub-pectoral breast reconstruction
  • Designed with fenestrations to help fluid drainage
  • Easy to handle and place with a quick hydration process
  • Freeze dried and free from preservatives

Manufactured by: Meccellis Biotech
Clinical studies include:
Evaluation of Complication Rates after Breast Surgery Using Acellular Dermal Matrix: Median Follow-Up of Three Years. Paprottka et al. Jun 2017.
Biological and synthetic mesh use in breast reconstructive surgery: a literature review. 2016

Complementary ranges include:

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