'Less Smoke' Evacuation Pencil

The optimum diathermy pencil for OR safety and precision surgery

Unique 'Less Smoke' tungsten electrode reduces the amount of surgical smoke produced during cutting/coagulation

The Blue-Vac Telescopic 'Less smoke' evacuation pencil effectively removes surgical smoke and aerosol at the source. It has 32% more suction capacity than the leading competitor*.

  • Tungsten electrode creates minimal thermal spread which reduces the amount of surgical smoke during cutting/coagulation
  • Optimised channel to ensure a high suction flow rate
  • Lightweight and discreet design provides optimum comfort
  • Flexible tubing set follows the movements of the Surgeon's hand
  • Soft activation buttons with tactile feedback
  • Easy to position, removing the need to move during operation
  • No extensions required - the telescopic suction channel extends to 16.5cm
  • Transparent telescopic suction tip ensures clear view for precision surgery
Supplied by: Blue Surgical
*Flow test report - Copenhagen (Contact us for more information)
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