The Bovie® low watt, high frequency generators are designed to be the most reliable and durable generators available, with a 4-year warranty. Ideally suited for small office practices, out-patient clinics or primary care minor procedure settings. Offering a solution for pure desiccation as well as desiccation & cutting, Bovie® low watt generators and their associated accessories provide comprehensive solutions, whatever the low power electrosurgery needs of the clinic.



Bovie® offers the widest range of cauteries available and can provide the correct device for the clinician, regardless of the clinical application. A range of high temperature cauteries are available for a wide range of surgical procedures, as well as low temperature cauteries for ophthalmic procedures, and Bovie’s proprietary Change-A-Tip™ reusable handle with options for different disposable tips, according to requirements.


Smoke Evacuation

Bovie® Smoke Shark® systems are advanced and efficient Surgical Smoke Evacuation System designed to address the hazards of smoke and aerosols generated during surgical procedures. Depending on the clinical environment, Bovie® offer different innovative compact solutions, portable, and easy to use, making them valuable additions to operating rooms, small office practices, out-patient clinics, or primary care minor procedure settings. Available with a wide range of accessories, according to clinical needs.