Reduce waste and save money

Elemental Healthcare takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Over the last decade, the profusion of disposable instruments in surgery has resulted in significant and costly issues for hospitals as they seek to dispose of this waste. Much of the waste is incinerated, at great cost to the environment and to the hospital budget.

Wherever possible, Elemental Healthcare tries to take waste out of the system by using reusable elements in our instruments.

This has the doubly positive effect of reducing the volume and cost of waste disposal, and also reducing the cost of purchase as these products are generally less expensive than the disposable alternative.

Sustainable healthcare solutions for a #greenerNHS include:

YelloPort Elite Resposable™ Port Access | ReNew Laparoscopic Instruments

M/L-10 Clip Applier | LogiCut Resposable™ Scissor

Laparoscopic Kits








*Compared to fully disposable alternatives. Full details available upon request.

Reduce single use plastics in theatre

Elemental Healthcare have produced a white paper which considers the role of fully disposable plastic instruments and the considerable issue of plastic waste in the Operating Theatre and examines the benefits of Resposable™(semi-disposable) medical devices as an alternative.

We also examine the consequential CO2 emissions of Operating Theatre waste management to provide a comparison aiding key decision makers in the NHS and private healthcare.

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Elemental Healthcare is committed to finding innovation solutions to support a


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Elemental Healthcare aims to sell only “best-in-class” products. As the world struggles to fund healthcare as a consequence of the global financial crisis, there is a temptation to sell the cheapest instruments possible. We believe that in Healthcare, quality always wins in the end, and customers are always happier with a product that works well every time.

Elemental is an ISO 9001 Quality company.

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Elemental Healthcare are partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and proudly support their efforts in the UK (and globally) to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste in surgery.

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is an independent registered charity. Established in 2008, it works to help the NHS fulfil its commitment to reach net zero by 2045. “Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ national health service.”  It is now the one of the foremost institutions in the world working on sustainable healthcare in research and practice. 

In celebration of hospitals taking steps to reduce plastic waste by moving to Resposable™ devices, Elemental have pledged to plant trees in the ‘NHS Forest’. This means that by making the decision to move to this sustainable healthcare solution the hospital will not only experience significant reductions in plastic waste, but the planting of trees in the NHS forest also provides health, social and environmental benefits. 

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