Partially resorbable yet permanently strong

4DVentral is a semi-resorbable implant designed for the extraperitoneal treatment of ventral and incisional hernias.

4DVentral® is designed specifically to meet the requirements of both:

  • the patient’s comfort by using partially resorbable material and;
  • prevention of any long-term recurrence by providing strength and reliability.

After PLLA resorption, 4DVentral® becomes and remains a mid-weight mesh (65g/m2) with the following benefits for the patient:

  • soft and flexible to conform to patients’ daily abdominal mobilisation for a good quality of life
  • 32N/cm after PLLA resorption for a permanent mesh strength

The recent study conducted at the Carolinas Medical Center*, states that a mid-weight mesh is the mesh of choice for open ventral hernia repair for all patients, as they lead to less recurrence.*

Best placement, Extraperitoneal

4DVentral® meets the latest KOL’s recommendations which encourage extraperitoneal mesh placement to avoid challenging adhesions. The message seems to be “keep out of the peritoneum as much as possible!”

Why take the risk of serious complications? Ideally, extraperitoneal mesh placement is agreed to be retro muscular or preperitoneal when possible and 4DVentral® has been designed to fit both of these surgical approaches.

Optimised fibrosis**

PLLA combined with polypropylene, leads to an absence of mesh shrinkage and lower inflammation and a better tolerance compared to 100% polypropylene meshes. Prof. Leroy’s in-vivo animal study also shows earlier and higher amounts of collagen fibres developing, providing early support for abdominal wall repair.

Clinical studies include:
*Lightweight vs Midweight Polypropylene Mesh in 948 Open Ventral Hernia Repairs (OVHR) Laurel J Blair, MD, Ciara Huntington, MD,Tiffany C Cox, MD, Tanushree Prasad, Amy E Lincourt, PhD, MBA, Vedra AAugenstein, MD, FACS, B Todd Heniford, MD, FACS Carolinas Medical Center,Charlotte, NC J Am Coll Surg 2015;221:S73
**TanakaK., Mutter D., Inoue H., Lindner V., Bouras G., Forgione A., Leroy J.,Aprahamian M., Marescaux J. In Vivo evaluation of a new composite mesh 10%Polypropylene/90% Poly-L-Lactic Acid for Hernia Repair. J Mater Sci: Mater Med2007 ; 18 : 991-999. Animal study.
Manufactured by: Cousin Biotech

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