Parietal prosthesis with inflatable expansion balloon

A balloon-deployed device indicated for the treatment of umbilical, small ventral and incisional hernias.

CABS AIR® is a unique placement device for open umbilical repair. Due to the expanding balloon, the prosthesis unfolds completely, limits any risks of wave effect of the material, and provides an excellent solution for a minimally invasive, quick and easy hernia repair.

Simple & fast*

The integrated balloon system is inflated with air to unfold the prosthesis. Pre-attached sutures crimped with needles at each end, allow quick and safe fixation of the device. CA.B.S.’ AIR® is a ready-to-use kit that simplifies the management of the surgical procedure.

Minimally open approach*

CA.B.S.’ AIR® is the ideal and cost-effective compromise allowing deep reconstruction through a minimal open approach that can be performed under local anesthesia.

Wide choice for tailored surgery

For intraperitoneal repair, use the CA.B.S.’ AIR® composite.

For extraperitoneal repair, use the CA.B.S.’ AIR® semi-resorbable or CA.B.S.’ AIR® light device.

Manufactured by: Cousin Biotech

Clinical studies include:

*Intraperitoneal tension-free repair of small midline ventral abdominal wall hernia: randomized study with a mean follow up of 3 years. Gerard Champault et al. The american surgeon.

Complementary ranges include:

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