Lightweight Polypropylene Hernia Mesh

The Cousin ‘Premium’ mesh is a lightweight and flexible Polypropylene monofilament mesh with excellent ‘shape-memory’.

Premium Mesh is designed to reinforce deficient soft tissues. Indications include inguinal, femoral,umbilical and ventral hernias.

It is macroporous, allowing quick and easy tissue incorporation whilst preventing encapsulation and shrinkage.

  • Flexible and transparent with excellent “feel” (thickness <0.5mm)
  • Excellent shape-memory and strength (>32 n/cm)
  • Large open pore-size for optimum tissue incorporation (>3.14sq mm)
  • Light weight (<40gsm)
  • Ideal for laparoscopic and open hernia repair
  • Cost effective
Manufactured by: Cousin Biotech

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