Hernia Mesh

T1 is a double-sided intraperitoneal mesh designed to treat ventral, incisional and umbilical hernias.

Safe & reliable for long term repair

Intramesh T1 is a clinically acknowledged mesh, viewed as the 'gold-standard' for intra-abdominal hernia mesh placement for more than a decade. It’s reliability lies in the double sided structure:

  • a smooth microperforated ePTFE side to minimise adhesions*
  • a macroporous polypropylene matrix for fast tissue ingrowth*

Proven efficiency

Intramesh T1 has the best incorporation score compared to most available meshes*.

An animal study shows that 8 weeks after implantation, the Intramesh T1 is entirely covered by a new cellular tissue: a perfectly vascularised neoperitoneum.

Easy to handle

Ideal for open or laparoscopic repair, the intraperitoneal side is landmarked to facilitate positioning. The thin and flexible profile of the mesh allows easy deployment.

Clincal study:
*Coated meshes for hernia repair provide comparable intraperitoneal adhesion prevention. Marc H.F. Schreinemacher et al. ; Surgical endoscopy (2013) 27 :4202 -4209. Animal study.
Manufactured by: Cousin Biotech

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