Elemental Healthcare seeks to bring high quality products at cost effective prices to the NHS and the UK Private hospital sector.

We aim to do this with enthusiasm, intelligence and a sense of enjoyment at being one of the most successful UK surgical device providers.


The Directors and Management Team of Elemental Healthcare have been involved in the UK Laparoscopic surgery field since its earliest days. The management team has over 100 years experience selling surgical products and have been involved in launching products from the most simple instruments to the most advanced robots. This depth of experience in many surgical fields makes Elemental Healthcare an ideal distribution partner.


Elemental Healthcare is committed to reducing waste in the supply chain to the hospital. Most of our products create a fraction of the waste of comparable fully disposable instruments. This is of benefit to the environment and also to the hospital as it spends less on the disposal of clinical waste.

Elemental is certified to ISO 14001.

Read our environmental policy statement here



The combination of excellent products, supported by an experienced, well-trained and charming team of sales people and customer service staff give Elemental Healthcare a clear lead over all of our competitors. The company ALWAYS puts the customer first and this commitment is recognised by customer loyalty over many years.






Based in Hungerford, Berkshire, Elemental Healthcare is at the hub of the UK's major trunk routes, so delivery and service are second to none. Our sales team is based around the UK so that every hospital is within easy reach.