Dublin fundraising to purchase PINPOINT Fluorescence Imaging

Improving the care for Gynaecological Cancer Patients

On Monday, Elemental Healthcare joined the Gynaeoncology Team at St. James's Hospital in Dublin, to mark the World Ovarian Cancer day. Gynaeoncology specialists from all over Ireland were invited, along with the founders of the Emer Casey Foundation – a charity that provides philanthropic support to the Gynaeoncology department at St. James's.

The focus of the morning was the quality of survivorship and in particular, Lymphedema. Dr. Noreen Gleeson spoke to the group about the future care of Gynaecological Cancer patients and how she hopes to reduce the risk of devastating outcomes such as Lymphedema, with PINPOINT Fluorescence Imaging. As an alternative to a full Lymphadenectomy, Sentinel Lymph Node mapping enables the surgeon to perform a more precise surgery, leading to a dramatic reduction in the number of lymph nodes removed. The less lymph nodes removed, the less risk of interruption to the lymphatic circulation, the better the quality of life for the patient after cancer treatment.

A very brave lady shared her gynaecological cancer story with us, to say that many years on from the end of her cancer treatment she developed Lymphedema. This has been a major obstacle for her in her recovery from cancer. As a consequence of her lymphedema, she experiences recurring cellulitis and sepsis, all related to her having had a full lymphadenectomy at her cancer surgery.

Dr. Gleeson hopes to change the story for future patients, and with a very generous donation from the Emer Casey Foundation, they are part way to acquiring the technology to enable her and the Team at St. James' to do this. Supporters of the GynaeCancerCare at the St James's Hospital Foundation will be working very hard this year to raise the remaining funds, including over 30 women running in Dublin's Women's Mini Marathon.

It was clear to see the team at St. James's are all dedicated to working closely together to improve outcomes and keeping up to date with the latest developments in surgical technologies. We wish them the best of luck in their fundraising.



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