SPY and PINPOINT Endoscopic Fluorescence Imaging

Brighter than any other

SPY and PINPOINT Endoscopic Fluorescence Imaging provide illumination beyond the limits of the human eye, confidently visualising and assessing tissue perfusion in real-time and improving patient outcomes.


In combination with high-definition white-light video, fluorescence imaging provides the ability to visualise blood flow in vessels, tissues and organs throughout the body.

SIMULTANEOUS IMAGING Fluorescence and white light

HIGH DEFINITION IMAGING Superior resolution (1080p full HD)


Colon Resection

Reducing Anastomotic Leak Rate


PINPOINT assesses tissue perfusion and assists surgeons in making informed decisions which positively affect outcomes. Studies show that only 1.4% of lower anterior resections resulted in an anastomotic leak rate when PINPOINT was used (reduced from 12.6%).¹

Click here to view PINPOINT in action during an Extracorporeal Transection

Gynaecological Malignancies

Illuminating Lymph Nodes


PINPOINT has shown improved accuracy to locate suspicious lymph nodes and assess drainage from lymphatic channels.² Enabling surgeons to remove lymph nodes through better directed and smaller incisions.

Click here to view PINPOINT in action for Lymphatic Mapping.

Reconstructive Surgery

Precisely Identify Tissue Perfusion


SPY imaging assists in the visualisation of tissue perfusion. This allows the surgeon to make intraoperative decisions that lead to dramatically reduced necrosis rates.³

Click here to view SPY in action during a Bilateral Breast Reduction

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