We are incredibly proud

The results: 2018

It was a delight to read the comments given in our 2018 satisfaction survey. The enthusiasm and dedication of our team is clearly recognised and appreciated by our customers. Positive scoring was received in all areas and we would like to highlight the comments received below:


Our management team work hard to ensure our processes are maintained to provide a consistently high level of customer service. Our Sales Director, Steve Lynn, commented to say:

"We are incredibly proud of our hard working and knowledgeable Sales team. Customer Service is vitally important in dealing with today's NHS and Private sector and the team are a credit to the company and themselves, with many positive comments received from our customers. They are continuously building on their product knowledge and sharing information amongst the team."

It is rewarding to see that from the initial discussions right through to delivery and on-going support, our customers are satisfied. We are very proud of all our staff for their continuous efforts in meeting this high standard.

A big well done and thank you to our invaluable team and our customers for another outstanding survey.

Please find below a summary of our survey results.

How frequently do you have contact with Elemental Healthcare? How satisfied are you with the amount of contact you have with Elemental Healthcare?

95% of our customers are contacted on a weekly or monthly basis, all our customers are happy with this frequency with over 58% being 'very satisfied'.

How do you rate the overall level of service from Elemental Healthcare?


95% highly rate our overall service with 68% rating our service as excellent. We have maintained high ratings to this question over the past 5 years.

In regards to our product portfolio, how well informed is your contact from Elemental Healthcare?


How happy are you with the level of communication from Elemental Healthcare?


Again, maintaining high levels of satisfaction with the level of communication from Elemental Healthcare.

How responsive are Elemental Healthcare?


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