Cellis Breast

Cellis Breast is an acellular dermal matrix made from porcine collagen dermis. It is indicated for breast reconstruction that requires reinforcement in the case of tissue defects or weakness.

The gentle purification process used in the production of Cellis implants preserves the essential qualities of the extracellular matrix whilst removing its genetic elements (cells, DNA, RNA, epitopes). This allows optimal support throughout the tissue regeneration process.

Naturally cross linked
Cellis is gently purified leaving a naturally cross linked collagen framework which is recognised by the body as a native matrix ready to be populated.

Preservative free
The naturally cross linked collagen matrix is freeze-dried without the use of preservatives. Cellis does not elicit a foreign body reaction as it is does not contain chemicals such as Polysorbate-20 which, if present, could lead to implant degradation.

Competitively priced
Cellis is around half the price of leading competitors and provides the potential to create revenue with coding notice JA27z.

Large size
The extra material of Cellis Breast allows greater flexibility, projection and ptosis.

Excellent suturing and handling properties





12 cm x 24 cm



12 cm x 18 cm



A true and accurate assessment of my personal experience with Cellis

Mr Khan Northampton

"I have been using Cellis mesh as my main mesh for implant reconstruction now for more than 6 months. During this period I have used this material at least 15 times. I found the material of perfect thickness to handle and manipulate. The needle and sutures run through the material without any undue resistance. It is also easy cut to trim any excess material. The mesh width and specifically length are absolutely perfect to enable its use in moderately large breasted women which are the norm in current practice. No patient has complained of any reaction to the mesh in the post-operative period. I have not noticed any red flare consequent to use of Cellis mesh and am delighted by the lack of prolonged seroma production in any of the patients. To date there has been no implant loss. I am delighted by the excellent overall aspects of the mesh (especially the size) and certainly look forward to many more procedures with the mesh."

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