Partnering with industry leaders

Elemental Healthcare works exclusively with 'best in class' manufacturers from the UK and around the world, bringing together a unique and exciting portfolio.

Our Partners

Microline Surgical

Microline Surgical enables healthcare providers to streamline intraoperative efficiencies and drive significant cost savings. Their minimally invasive therapeutic solutions enable high quality care in a cost-effective manner.

For 30 years, Microline Surgical has advanced the field of minimally invasive surgery. They deliver precision instruments that enable surgeons across the globe to perform highly complex procedures with fewer complications, lower costs and better patient outcomes.

Microline's 'reposable' (semi-disposable) scissors are the preferred choice for many Surgeons, worldwide. They are a leader in reposable instrumentation for laparoscopy, including General Surgery, Gynaecologic Surgery, Urologic Surgery and Bariatric Surgical procedures.

Surgical Innovations

Surgical Innovations are a UK manufacturer specialising in the design, development and manufacture of creative solutions for minimally invasive surgery.

Founded by Professor McMahon and Peter Moran in 1992 to produce innovative Laparoscopic Instruments. Today their mission remains the same; to design and manufacture high quality instruments at a cost effective price.

Surgical Innovations are a pioneer in the concept of Resposable™ products – where the majority of the instrument or trocar is reusable, but the key component is disposable.

This Resposable™ model allows for very high-quality materials to be used whilst keeping procedure costs to an absolute minimum.

Cousin Biotech

Cousin Biotech manufacture high quality mesh for hernia repair and gynaecology.

Cousin Biotech started manufacturing fabrics in France in 1848 and became a leading manufacturer in hernia mesh. The company specialises in high quality innovative products to facilitate surgery and to improve patient comfort and recovery.

The Bioring, an adjustable silicone gastric band for the treatment of obesity, is one of the worlds market leading gastric bands and is preferred by many of Britain's bariatric surgeons.

The OR Company

The O.R. Company develops, supplies and markets high quality, innovative surgical devices – from niche consumables to proprietary surgical instruments – for minimally invasive and open surgery. 

Through collaboration with surgeons, clinical technicians and nurses around the world, they identify surgical needs and advance them into effective and safe products such as the McCartney / ColpotomizOR Tube. 

With a strong focus in Gynaecology, The O.R. Company are quickly growing into a smart, diverse and global surgical device supplier.

Meccellis Biotech

Meccellis are experts in cell and tissue regeneration.

Elemental are proud to partner with Meccellis Biotech, delivering a high performance acellular dermal matrix for reconstruction, rebuilding and regeneration of soft and connective tissue at a much lower cost.

Cellis is a preservative free, biological implant enabling better integration and reduced tissue reaction.

Bariatric Solutions

Bariatric Solutions is a leading innovator in the field of bariatric surgery, with a keen focus on making surgery safer and more cost effective. 

With their expertise and experience, Bariatric Solutions has developed various cutting edge and alternative products. Bariatric Solutions is dedicated to fighting the battle against obesity. Made in Switzerland and distributed throughout the world, all products are made to the highest quality standards.

The MiniMizer Gastric Ring is the world’s leading device for performing a banded bypass and banded sleeve procedure, and subsequently has been selected as the device of choice for various randomised controlled trials.


Based in Switzerland, Distalmotion has immediate access to best-in-class innovation, talent and the highest quality standards in manufacturing and engineering. This quality guarantee is specifically relevant for medical devices – where patients matter most. Their vision is to establish a new, global standard of care, one that allows everyone to access the benefits of robotic surgery.

Ergonomic robotics: affordability without compromise

Dexter enables the Surgeon to switch between laparoscopic and robotic surgery in less than 20 seconds. Offering all the benefits that are expected from surgical robotics: operating with precise instrument control, in an ergonomic environment whilst sitting or standing.

Retraction Ltd.

Radically Rethinking endoscopic retraction. 

Retraction Limited is a medical device company that is revolutionising the endoscopic retraction of large organs in bariatric patients. They recognise the challenges posed by the global obesity crisis, and are tackling this head-on with the combined expertise of US and UK progressive device design and leading world class surgeons. 

REVEEL single-use retractors are fast and easy to use. Targeted for use on the liver, the unique harp shape and braided surface allows for truly gentle retraction and an unobstructed view of the operating site. The patented high-friction surface prevents organs from slipping, thereby reducing patient trauma and making life easier for the surgeon.

Péters Surgical

Péters Surgical is a French company which develops, manufactures and sells medical devices. Péters Surgical specialises in sutures, devices for temporary and permanent vascular occlusion, wall reinforcement, surgical glue, instruments for laparoscopic surgery, drains, etc.

Péters Surgical is an international company responding to surgeons needs in the evolution of their practices.

IFABOND® glue is a patented adhesive liquid created as a result of a French University Research project. The n-hexyl cyanoacrylate monomer is a pure form, thus conferring optimal biocompatibility and safety. IFABOND® is used for both minimally invasive fixation and as an external/internal sealing system.

Blue Surgical

Blue Surgical ApS is a Danish Med-tech company founded in 2007. They specialise in single use and "Resposable" instruments for the Operating room.

Safety for the OR staff and the patient is one of major principles for the Blue Surgical range. Thus Blue Surgical has developed smoke evacuation solutions for both Open and Laparoscopic procedures in order to remove the dangerous surgical smoke from the OR.

A smoke free OR is the goal combined with cost effective quality OR instruments.