Global Innovation, Local Expertise

Blue Surgical ApS are a Danish med-tech organisation. Founded in 2007, we partner with Blue Surgical to distribute their specialist diathermy and smoke evacuation products for both open and Laparoscopic surgery.

The first French company of biological Implants utilising acellular porcine dermis, Meccellis have a long-standing pedigree in tissue acellularisation delivering a solution for abdominal wall surgery.

For over 30 years, Microline have partnered with healthcare providers to advance Minimally Invasive Surgery through their innovative range of hybrid technologies.

Microline’s mission aligns with our own, to deliver solutions which improve the quality of life for everyone, whilst reducing the environmental and financial footprint generated from Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Open with care and closed for life, Peters Surgical design, manufacture and distribute a range of solutions and are recognised as an expert in Sutures, Haemostatic Clips and Surgical Glue fields in over 90 countries worldwide.

Leading The Evolution in their peer group, our parent company’s Resposable® technology redefines the paradigm for Laparoscopic Instrumentation and Port Access Systems, with a concept which takes the key quality and performance characteristics associated with its fully single use device peers, with the environmental and financial value that reusable devices provide, consequently creating a hybrid device.

Part of Aspen Surgical, Symmetry Surgical is a leading healthcare technology and solutions supplier. From preparation to close, Symmetry Surgical provide an extensive portfolio of instrumentation and devices for Minimally Invasive Surgery.