MiniMizer Gastric Ring

with 4 adjustable locking positions

Stable weight loss in Banded Bypass and Banded Sleeve

The MiniMizer Ring, with 4 adjustable locking positions, is designed to increase the long-term effectiveness of Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy procedures.

  • Protects against pouch dilation
  • Prevents the anastomosis and the jejunum from overstretching
  • Minimises dumping syndrome
  • Stabilises long term weight loss

%EWL for standard RYGBP and its two hybrid forms of LL-RYGBP and Banded RYGBP (*P<0.05):

Obrien PE, McPhail T, Chaston TB et al. Systematic review of medium-term weight loss after bariatric operations. Obes Surg 2006;16:1032-40


  • Simple placement and closing
  • Two loops for fixation after placement
  • Reopen and close in a different diameter
  • The needle and ring are clearly visible under X-ray
  • The MiniMizer Ring is radiopaque

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Manufactured by: Bariatric Solutions

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