Pinky Trigger Gastric Band Introducer

Reusable Gastric Band Introducer

The Pinky Trigger 5mm laparoscopic instrument is an easy to use device with a dynamic lever that smoothly curves the tip to a maximum angle of 130°.

The Pinky Trigger is a dynamic device, which allows for back and forth movement of the tip by pulling the lower handle at the hand piece.

The patented technology used in the Pinky Trigger, makes it a direct extension of the surgeon’s finger, and therefore provides a gentle yet firm, blunt dissection.

  • Ability to fix at any level of the 130° curvature
  • Single handed operation
  • Direct drive technology gives immediate tactile feedback, avoiding inadvertent dissection.
  • This product is equivalent to the 'GoldFinger' that was discontinued by Ethicon /J&J.
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