5mm Laparoscopic Retractor

The PretzelFlex™ is a unique 5mm laparoscopic retractor providing best-in-class retraction of organs and tissue to allow unrivalled access and visibility to the surgical site.

The PretzelFlex, designed and manufactured in Britain is simple to use and combined with the FastClamp is the most popular retraction system in use for Upper GI and Bariatric surgery.

  • Impressive strength to support large organs and tissue.
  • Smaller space envelope required compared to triangular retractors.
  • Stable platform: Large contact area making it suitable for Bariatric Surgery.
  • Ideally suited for use with the FastClamp system.
  • The innovative SmartFlex™ technology is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. 
  • A fully reusable solution, reducing the cost and environmental impact of plastic clinical waste.

Manufactured by: Surgical Innovations Ltd.

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