Scope HelpOR PRO™

The smart way to warm scopes, cost-effectively

The Scope HelpOR PRO™ is a smart, cost-effective scope management system that enhances the surgeon’s vision during laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

By combining the tools that reduce condensation and scope fogging with those needed to keep the scope lens and trocar valves free of fluid and debris, the Scope HelpOR PRO™ provides everything needed for effective scope management.

It reduces or eliminates the need to clean the scope lens throughout surgery, which results in improved visibility, less surgical interruptions, and therefore fewer procedural delays.

Warm and defogs scopes:

  • Warms scopes to an optimal temperature (50 C / 122 F) in 5-10 minutes, eliminating condensation that causes the scope to fog during the initial 15-20 minutes of the procedure.
  • Plug & Play application
  • Universal warming sheath; accommodates all scopes up to 12mm, including bariatric and robotic scopes
  • Anti-fog solution applies a micro-thin anti-fog coating to the scope lens
  • Medical grade, reusable 6V AC transformer offers endless power supply

Cleans scopes and trocars:

  • Lint free microfiber cloth, protect and white-balances the scope lens
  • Two trocar swabs with soft, non-abrasive surgical foam tips
  • Radiopaque, rigid yet flexible trocar swabs
Manufactured by: The OR Company

Complementary ranges include:

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