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Switch between laparoscopic and robotic surgery in less than 20 seconds.

Dexter offers all the benefits that are expected from surgical robotics: operating with precise instrument control, in an ergonomic environment whilst sitting or standing.

The ‘patient-side’ setup facilitates easy and direct Surgeon interaction with the theatre team.

The Surgeon maintains sterile access to the patient, which allows freedom of choice between robotics and laparoscopy during the surgical procedure depending on which approach is best suited for the task. The two robotic arms can be removed and re-positioned within seconds for direct and full access to the patient, at any stage of the operation.

Dexter allows you to keep the established trocar placement, procedure setup and workflows. Seamlessly integrating and allowing the use of any third-party instrument (e.g staplers, vessel sealers, ultrasonic) or imaging system (eg. 3D, fluorescence)

Ergonomic robotics: affordability without compromise

Dexterity & position

  • Full instrument dexterity, 7 degrees of freedom and an angulation of up to 90°
  • Simplify dissection in confined spaces and complex suturing tasks.
  • Small footprint and easy setup


  • Ergonomic working position for the surgeon with a height-adjustable console
  • Operate with precise instrument control whilst sitting or standing


  • Replacing the two arms of the surgeon, Surgeon Console – 2 robotic arms patient side
  • Reducing complexity, OR setup and procedure workflow like laparoscopy


  • The advantages of Robotic Surgery at a much lower cost than existing Robotic solutions.
  • It also allows the use of existing laparoscopic instruments
  • Dexter focuses on the essence of surgery, without depleting operating room budgets or limiting the ability to invest in innovation.

Combining innovative Swiss research with quality and precision manufacturing in Switzerland, for a truly Swiss Surgical Robot, Dexter.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by: DistalMotion
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