Resposable™ Laparoscopic Scissor Insert

Surgical Innovations high quality British manufacturing in a semi-disposable format.

A fresh, single use insert with each operation. The disposable scissor delivers high precision cutting every time, exceeding international standards for sharpness.

Accompanied by a range of ergonomic reusable handles this Resposable™ system delivers the comfort of a high-quality reusable instrument and the clinical benefits of a disposable.

An average reduction in clinical waste of 60% when replacing fully disposable instruments with Resposable™ alternatives.

  • Reduces the cost and environmental impact of plastic clinical waste.
  • Double action curved scissor.
  • Available in three lengths:240/320/450mm.
  • Choice of 10mm or 16mm blade length.
  • Cost-effective and reliable.
Manufactured by: Surgical Innovations Ltd.

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