ReNew Reposable Instrumentation

Laparoscopic Inserts and Handles

ReNew technology pairs an ergonomic, high quality, reusable handpiece with a single use scissor, grasper, or dissector

The large range of disposable scissor, dissector and grasper tips simply screw onto the high quality ergonomic hand piece, no complex assembly is required.

The small disposable element creates just a fraction of the waste in comparison to fully disposable alternatives. Switching from fully disposable to Reposable devices will reduce plastic waste volumes and the cost of disposal by circa. 70%*.

  • Scissors: Precision patented technology delivers highest quality scissor blade, 6 choices of scissor tip.
  • Dissector and Graspers:  Precisely profiled jaws design to meet every surgeons needs
  • Super-Atrau Graspers:  Polymer inlays allows for for atraumatic tissue manipulation
  • Reusable ReNew handles for ergonomic comfort and cost effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly option when compared to fully disposable instruments
  • Cost effective
Manufactured by: Microline Surgical

Complementary ranges include:

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