Resposable™ MIS port access system

The YelloPort+Plus™ port access system is a high quality, semi-disposable alternative to expensive, fully disposable trocars. It is available in 3mm and 5mm widths.

The reusable cannulae and trocars are coupled with disposable seals to provide an effective system that has the cost benefits of a reusable trocar and the clinical effectiveness of a disposable product.

  • Widely used in the NHS
  • Reduce plastic waste by 70%*, generating a fraction of waste in comparison to fully disposable alternatives
  • Recurring cost of a small disposable element keeps the costs to a minimum
  • Manufactured in the UK to high British standards
  • Full range of trocar tips
  • Available in all commonly used diameters and lengths
Manufactured by: Surgical Innovations Ltd.

Complementary ranges include:
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  • YelloPort Elite™ Universal Seal Port Access
  • Elemental Laparoscopic Kits

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