Theatre Accessories

Smoke Evacuation

Through a unique 'Less Smoke' tungsten electrode, the result is a reduction in the amount of surgical smoke produced during cutting/coagulation.

To complement this, we also offer a Laparoscopic Tubing set to prevent CO2 exhaust into the wider operating theatre.

Port Closure

Suture PassOR Pro™ is an intuitive surgical tool that ensures consistent, effective placement of sutures during a range of Laparoscopic procedures.

Suture PassOR Pro™ comes with a guide assisting suture placement, and two complementary cleaning swabs, cleaning debris and minimising the chances of Laparoscope smudging and subsequently procedure disruption.

Port ClosOR Pro™ is an intelligent device which assists you when closing surgical incisions, used for the suturing of Port and Trocar sites following Laparoscopic procedures.

Utilising a spring loaded, blunt mechanism, Port ClosOR Pro™ passes sutures securely through the subcutaneous tissue, including fascia and peritoneum, retracting as the needle is pushed through the abdominal wall, automatically advancing once the peritoneum has been penetrated.

Scope Management

For effective scope management we offer two devices which are simple to use and cost-effective solutions, ensuring the Surgeon's vision is compromised during Laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Liquid Scope HelpOR™ warms Laparoscopes to body temperature. Activated in seconds, it prevents condensation and the subsequent fog during a procedure, optimising valuable operating time.

Scope HelpOR PRO™ through one comprehensive package, offers a scope warming sheath to reduce fogging, a microfibre cloth for white balance, a scope tip cleaner and two Trocar swabs for clearing debris from the Trocar Valve and Cannula.

Surgical Patient Positioners & Accessories Range

The PrimePad® Plus range of Trendelenburg pads & kits are a new innovation in anti-skid patient positioning, offering innovative, high-performance polyurethane foam pads. PrimePad® Plus offers excellent anti-skid properties, pressure reduction and patient support, providing confidence to the surgical team that the patient will remain immobile throughout the entire procedure. PrimePad® Plus materials have strong biodegradation credentials, tested to the ASTM-D5511 standard, contributing to a more sustainable future.