Port Closure

Suture PassOR Pro™ is an intuitive surgical tool that ensures consistent, effective placement of sutures during a range of Laparoscopic procedures.

Suture PassOR Pro™ comes with a guide assisting suture placement, and two complementary cleaning swabs, cleaning debris and minimising the chances of Laparoscope smudging and subsequently procedure disruption.

Port ClosOR Pro™ is an intelligent device which assists you when closing surgical incisions, used for the suturing of Port and Trocar sites following Laparoscopic procedures.

Utilising a spring loaded, blunt mechanism, Port ClosOR Pro™ passes sutures securely through the subcutaneous tissue, including fascia and peritoneum, retracting as the needle is pushed through the abdominal wall, automatically advancing once the peritoneum has been penetrated.

Suture PassOR Pro™ Closure Range